The Native Lab

We learned about composites in a “learning by doing” way in workshops and technical offices. There was no proper training available. For that reason, (and after several requests) we created The Native Lab, our training division. We are offering online courses, bespoke trainings and master lessons.

MC4 Project

Multi-level Circular Process Chain for Carbon and Glass Fibre Composites.

MC4 (Multi-level Circular Process Chain for Carbon and Glass Fibre Composites) is a European partnership aiming to establish circular approaches for carbon and glass fiber composites. After a 3 years implementation, MC4 will make the European carbon and glass fiber value chains more circular, independent and competitive. MC4 is funded by the European Union.

Our Blog

If you are a composites geek (or just a curious visitor), this is your place. All our content is accessible with just one click. News, articles, videos, … Be careful, the content is addictive and you will become a composites lover.

Our LinkedIn

Pursuing our mission to widespread the composites’ word, we started posting interesting news in March 2020. Less than 2 years later, Managing Composites Linkedin page become the more followed in the field. Don’t miss our daily content! Follow us.

Our Culture House

Culture. It is what moves our company. If you want to discover our attitudes and behaviours, the way we work and hire, how we interact, the values that hold us and our end goals, you’re welcome to visit our cosy home.

Why Composites Materials?

In many cases, feasibility studies demonstrate unequivocally that Composites are in fact now the only sensible option. Because of this, and particularly in long-standing and entrenched industries, there has to be a very good reason not to incorporate Composites…

In our technologically complex age, Composites are deployed for a myriad of functions other than simply achieving improved strength and lower weight. Many other more complex mechanical properties are possible, such as enhanced creep and fatigue resistance, or anisotropic stiffness.

These properties are achieved not only through the selection of input materials, but also by carefully tailor-making the manufacturing process that brings them together.

Why Managing Composites?

The unique background of our team, with extensive experience in OEM and Tier 1, enables your project to happen successfully and seamlessly.

The relentless pursuit of excellence is part of our routine – nothing is taken for granted, and every design is taken also as an opportunity to progress to whatever the next level is.

To deliver the best results we work as a team, within ourselves and within our clients…

Whatever the problem, we will be there to keep production going.