Training your entire team

The Native Lab – our training division

This division is a symbiosis of our know-how and experience. It was created in response to the transitions that Composites are imposing on world as a whole, and the subsequent need to ensure a supply of competent new professionals.

In an analogy to programming in native language, we want our exponents to be so familiar with their craft that perfection comes as second nature to them…


We train our trainers to share our expertise in Composites through participants’ engagement so that they can deploy what they have learned from day one.

A positive environment conducive to progression towards perfection is an essential feature to the engagement of participants and effective learning …


An essential feature to effective learning is the Engagement of participants. We create a positive environment for learning by:




Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic


Capture attention


Competitive Spirit



We help companies acquire the basic knowledge and procedural capability that allows them to work with autonomy in this fast-changing industry.


We collaborate with Universities’ Engineering Faculties to share our Composites knowledge and help them keep their qualifications relevant, useful and applicable.

For recent graduates
& long-standing professionals

For all those who are starting out on their professional career, or wish to update and expand their practical knowledge on Composites.

Individual placement

We know that, for an individual starting a career or looking to make a change, there are a number of obstacles. We want to help overcome these, not only through training, but also by creating a network through which individuals can access their job of the future.


We know that starting a career or looking to make a change entails a number of obstacles. We want to help you overcome these, not only through trainings, but also by creating a network though which you can access your dream job.

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