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Composite Materials Course

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Composite Materials are less of a choice and more an imperative. Metals and plastics might be the right solution for many engineering challenges. However, composites increasingly allow for a new range of possibilities and solutions! In this course, you’ll acquire a general overview about composites by understanding these materials in depth, including, different types of fibres, matrices, cores and fabrics. Learning the different manufacturing technologies and dive into the basics of composite design.


Overall, the course consists of 3 main blocks. First, all the materials are explained in detail. Different fibres, such as carbon, glass, aramid, polymeric, natural, are analysed. Then matrices are discussed with a focus on thermosets. Besides, different core and fabric types are discussed.

Second, once the materials have been understood, the course goes into the manufacturing technologies. Not only is each process illustrated but also why and when each technology is commonly used! In total 9 technologies are explained, including: Wet Layup, Prepreg, PCM, SMC/BMC, Resin Infusion, RTM, Filament Winding, Braiding and Pultrusion.

Third, the course has a design part. If we have fully understood how materials work and how we can manufacture, we can start thinking how to design with composites. The entire process is outlined, including, Concept Design, Manufacturing Process Selection, Part Design, Joints, Layup, Tooling, Curing, Post-Process and Design for Manufacturing


Eneko Angulo, now Chief Operations Officer of Managing Composites, is the main trainer of the course. Previously he has been Station leader at Koenigsegg, manufacturing carbon fibre monocoques and body panels. He produced more than 450 reports to increase part quality for the Koenigsegg 1:1, Agera RS and Regera. Later on, he became SQA Manager at McLaren, being responsible for more than 300 components in different technologies and more than 8 models.


The course is to great extent, online and self-paced, meaning that it consists of short videos explaining the theory and practice behind composites and tasks, quizzes, etc. to see whether the learner is making progress. However, sporadically there are online live sessions to consolidate the learnings. You’ll be able to send questions to the trainers through the platform.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll get a certificate of successful completion and have access to an ever-growing alumni network, as well as special discounts.

The price fee is set at €269 in a one-off payment. However, there is the option to pay for the course in 3 instalments of €99. Besides, if you are a student contact us for some special discounts.