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F1 Helmets

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It’s safe to say that the leather caps and googles use during the ’50s are long gone! During the end of the ’60s, the first helmets made of a composite material (in this case, fiberglass) were already being developed. But what are F1 helmets made of today?  
Nowadays, carbon fiber composites are the material of choice, however other reinforcement materials, like Kevlar and Zylon are also being added to the complex layups. Along with the choice of the materials, minor tweaks, adjustments, and optimizations push the boundaries of safety year after year, even though you probably can’t see it due to the painting!  
The finished helmet has a lot to take on! The latest FIA 8860-2018 standard, subjects it to many different tests, including crash tests with a 10kg weight falling 5m onto the helmet; penetration tests with high-speed 4k impactors (shell) or air rifle pellets (visor); a ballistic test that fires a 225g steel disc at 250km/h at the helmet; being passed through a 790°C flame without catching fire!  
Helmet design created by Alessandro Melone Designs! Awesome job!