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How can we compare the properties of standard composites with carbon nanotubes and graphene composites?

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A couple of weeks ago, we posted an Ashby’s Plot that compared the properties of composites with many different materials. But how do they fare against carbon nanotubes and graphene? And what about graphene-based composites?

Many works have reported the effect on the mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of fiber composites reinforced with nanotubes and graphene-based materials.

This Ashby plot (yes, we love them!) of Young’s modulus vs. Tensile Strength compares the mechanical properties of natural fiber-based polymer composites with glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRPs), carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRPs), carbon nanotubes (CNTs), and graphene-based polymer composites.

It is crazy to think that any newly discovered material can generate many other composite materials! That is why composites are so fascinating!

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