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Horacio Pagani’s relationship with composite materials

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Carbon fiber is a way to express the shape of our design so that we can create beautiful and rich lines for each product.” Horacio Pagani.

Horacio understood the high potential of composite-material-based systems and, in particular, carbon fiber while making the Countach Evoluzione at Lamborghini. He tried to persuade Lamborghini to buy an autoclave so they could extend the production of the carbon parts. They refused, saying that Ferrari did not have an autoclave, so Lamborghini didn’t need one.

He then borrowed capital to buy his own autoclave late in 1987 and then, in 1991, he broke away from the company and founded his own consultancy called Modena Design which started to make carbon fiber composites for Formula One cars and clients like Daimler and Ferrari. A couple of years later, he founded Pagani Automobili.

The result couldn’t be any different: The pulsating heart of Pagani craftsmanship is enshrined within one of its signature features and is the first thing that strikes you when you see a Zonda or a Huayra: the carbon fiber front hood with its herringbone weave pattern, a symbol not only of technical research but also a quest for aesthetics!

Horacio Pagani